Taxation and Tax Planning

People and companies are subject to a wide range of taxes including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty, Value Added Tax and Pay Related Social Insurance. Tax planning with David Ebbs & Co. can help reduce or remove the effect of these taxes, whether you're a business or individual.

Where tax is concerned we recognise the importance of considering the implications of all taxes on your circumstances and not just a particular tax you may want to review.

We also take care that the tax tail is not wagging the dog and your review is undertaken for commercial reasons as well as the pure tax savings. Since tax legislation is regularly changing, we also recommend that your plans are regularly appraised.

Our job is not simply to calculate the tax due and tell you what is owed. Our job is to help you plan your business activities so as to maximise the available tax reliefs and discuss with you in advance the tax implications of business decisions.

We're there to help you:

  • decide what form of business enterprise - should you choose a sole trader, partnership, limited company or limited partnership
  • manage business expansion and maximise the available tax reliefs as your business grows
  • re-structure your business
  • avoid a tax bill when you change the nature of operations
    sell a business

Income Tax Services

The 31 October deadline is fast approaching so contact a member of our team today to find out how we can complete and file your return with the Revenue for minimum hassle, minimum cost!

Contact a member of our team today on 01 670 4055 for further details. Hassle free tax returns are only a phone call away.

** Terms and conditions apply**

The completion of a complex, multi-page tax return form can be one of the most daunting tasks faced by a taxpayer. Sole traders, partnerships and companies will also have to prepare annual accounts along with an annual tax return. We examine all aspects of your personal financial situation and provide strategies in relation to remuneration, pension, retirement and inheritance. Don’t pay any more tax than you need to.

We can take this burden from you by preparing a draft tax return for you based on information you supply to us.

Contact us today on 01 670 4055 or email

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